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my referral-based business is BOOMING

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When you share my work and my name with your people I love to show my appreciation by rewarding you with credit. You can use your credit toward your next session with me or you can use it towards goods from a past session. Any client you refer to me will earn you $50 in credit, they second they book. There's no limit to how many people you can send my way! If you'd like some personalized cards to help you spread my name around to all your buddies!


“Over the last year, we earned enough referral credit to cover our annual fall session!”

referral program terms & conditions

How can I earn credit?

You earn you credit WHEN they book. If they have not paid me, I cannot pay you. I greatly appreciate any referral even if they don't end up booking my services.

How do we keep track?

Yes, I track referrals. I keep a good ol' fashioned list of who has referred me out and who is owed credits. You don't need to keep track. I gotcha back!

Can I stack my rewards?

I owe you big time for sharing my name with your friends! You can absolutely stack. I frankly don't give a darn what you do with your rewards. You do you boo!

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