hey, girl hey.

nice to meet cha!

I am a storytelling photographer & family filmmaker. I am a moment seeker. I specialize in capturing memories in Northern California and beyond. I am honored every time someone trusts me to be the one to freeze time for their family and for the generations who follow. I am on a mission to unburden mamas from the invisible weight that can come along with having portraits done.

Enough about me. Let me make some guesses about you. You're an awesome mama. Simultaneously a hot mess? Same, girl! BUT... you believe there's magic in all that motherhood. I agree. Let me document that for you.

Maybe you're a perfectionist? Did you know that likely makes you a procrastinator? Whatever season you're in, it deserves to be remembered. Let me hold your hand through this process. I'VE GOT YOU, MAMA!

what clients have to say.

“I'm so grateful for the time Kristine spent coordinating for our family of 5. She is a must-have for big families with young children.”

“Kristine's artisan images fill our entire home. She makes us feel so connected, confident and relaxed. She has become a dear friend to us.”

“I was amazed at her patience with my three kiddos. She made the portrait experience fun for us!”

“Kristine is a natural with kids. I loved her suggestions on poses and the whole family ended up having a great time.”

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