Fun fact: I was supposed to document this family moving into this house early last summer but I ended up in Labor & Delivery that day because Miss Sadie was just not behaving in my belly. It all worked out for the best because I feel like this session was so much more genuine than that session ever would have been! Nothing screams Walker family more than running around the yard and letting the kids be themselves. For me, it feels like this sweet family just moved to this awesome property yesterday! But they are getting so settled in and this home already feels like such a part of who they are as a family. It was so perfect to (darn near effortlessly) get everyone dressed and kick them out into the backyard to document them as they are. Chickens and all!

I firmly believe that where you live is a huge part of who you are and who youre family is! These kiddos are growing up with freaking wilderness in their backyard and I just find that so cool! I can't think of any better place to do a portrait session. Bring on all the at home outdoor sessions! I get to shoot someplace new. Dad barely has to leave the house. Bandaids are nearby. It's a win for everyone! Especially if they include a tire swing and a cheeky toddler!