I honestly don't think that I have seen Ben since maybe 2003? I never thought I'd be photographing and giving parenting advice to the guy who taught me to scrunchie my feet together in the pool to improve my butterfly stroke. My mom says that Ben put me in the Individual Medley at my very first swim meet when I was maybe 5 years old. She was quite literally convinced I would drown but Ben reassured her I'd be okay. He was right, I made it through just fine.

If you know Ben you KNOW that he comes from a big family, he's always worked with kids and that he is like the DEFINITION of the super uncle. Getting to see him and Michele soak up all of their daughter's newborn goodness was so surreal. I firmly believe that all babies are a blessing but I also believe that some babies are just EXTRA special. To me, IVF babies come complete with this sense of calm. Like they are finally where they were meant to be all along.

Baby M,

You have two of the most precious & incredible parents. They love you so much and worked so very hard to get you here. Everyone can't wait to watch you grow.

Ben & Michele, consider this your inaugural toss into the pool that is parenthood. I'm confident that you will swim.