happy to travel to you

I freaking love a reason to visit a new place. Whether it's to photograph your family in your home or to meet you guys during a vacation I'm GAME! Scroll down to see what's on the books for first half of 2023! Full disclosure I will be traveling ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES for the rest of 2023. If you want to meet me somewhere beautiful, LET'S DO IT!!!!

wanting to add a destination to my list?

Sounds like fun to me! My own little rule that I have is that I will add a travel date to my list when I book two families in roughly the same location! So phone a friend, or plan a visit near me on one of those dates and fill out my inquiry form! Some places on my wishlist are Manzanita Beach in Oregon and Sedona, AZ but literally anywhere with gorgeous views is fine by me!!